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Michael Franti & Spearhead at Red Rocks Amphitheater

By April Whitney / last year

July 13, 2017 Morrison, CO This may get lengthy, but stick with me it is worth it I promise. I have been listening to Michael Franti & Spearhead for many years now. In the beginning quite casually, but still enjoying their music immensely. I have fond memories of dancing around my living room with my […]


Snoop Dogg & Weezer Live at Sunfest 5/3/17

By Hillary Weiss / a couple of years ago

It was a Wednesday afternoon, but that wasn’t stopping anyone from acting like it was the weekend at Sunfest. The sky was clear blue with a breeze in the air, the perfect time for food, booze, and live music in south Florida. Snoop Dogg The crowd for Snoop started pilling up early with their fresh blunts […]


Music, Arts, Culture….The Kelsey Theater fits the bill.

By April Whitney / a couple of years ago

Live entertainment is where it is at these days in terms of a good time. Picture yourself hanging out with your friends, throwing back a few cold ones and checking out the local or national band swinging through your neck of the woods. Well,  it just doesn’t get much better than that. The Kelsey Theater opened up in Lake […]


Los Stellarians: A Stellar Debut Performance

By Meredith Newsome / 3 years ago

Who are Los Stellarians? Let me tell you what I know. Born out of a love for the music of yesteryear, SA Martinez of 311 has brought his own flavor to soul, funk and the spirit of music. With his friend, guitarist Ryan Siegel (Exes of Evil, Ghostwolf), the two (along with several studio musicians) […]


Pepper’s new album brings sexy back to their Ohana.

By Kaitlynn Reynolds / 3 years ago

Have you ever heard an album that just made you want to drop everything and go to the beach? Well, Pepper’s latest album Ohana makes you feel like you’re already there with all of your closest friends, your “Ohana”. I can even taste that drink I should be sipping on and can see the sun […]


Slide into Spring Music and Craft Beer Festival

By April Whitney / 3 years ago

Slide into Spring Craft Beer and Music Festival- Fernandina Beach, FL March 20th, 2016 Okay now everyone say it with me as loud as you can…..SPRING BREAK, Woohoo!!! A plethora of craft beer? Yes please.  A handful of extremely talented local and national music acts. I’ll take it! Throw in totally chill vibes with good […]

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