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Yesod of Pepper talks Warped Tour, their new album Ohana and Closer to the Sun….

While on Tour sat down with Yesod Williams to present a custom made Bangbox and chat about Warped Tour, their new album Ohana and all of those pesky Closer to the Sun rumors. Here is what he had to say……

WOT:     So tell us how the first two weeks of Warped Tour has been for you guys.

YEE: It’s been amazing. This is kind of our once every five years deal. It is a pretty grueling tour without a lot of days off but it brings us back to our roots where it all started for us back in 2001.

WOT: Who is on this year’s lineup that has surprised you the most?

YEE: To tell you the truth probably “The Word Alive”. I had heard of them before but hadn’t listened to them. I like to go into new music with no expectations and it usually works out pretty good. They are coming to my forefront of my mind on this tour.

WOT: You have played a lot of different festivals lately all with different vibes. Which has been your favorite to play?


YEE: Probably Hangout Fest just because it is undeniable. Pepper and Hangout Fest right on the beach. It’s kind of a trip that it is in Alabama. We had a blast. We had to dodge a little bit of a lightning storm before which actually worked out for the best because instead of playing at 12:30pm we got to perform at 4:00pm. Firefly was amazing in the middle of the woods in Delaware, CaliRoots of course is always great. It’s an amazing thing in this day and age that there are festivals popping up left and right.

WOT: I think the festivals give artists a chance to get in the ears of people who may not have heard of you otherwise. A lot of them have multiple different genres playing at them.

YEE: Oh absolutely that is why Warped Tour is so cool. We have been a band for 19 years so coming back to Warped Tour every five years or so we get in front of a younger crowd that might not have heard of us before.

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WOT: So…Closer to the Sun.

YEE: Amazing.

WOT: Are you guys coming this year?

YEE: Not this year no.

WOT: How about just to hang out?

YEE: Don’t tempt us because we will.

WOT: Um, that’s what I’m trying to do here. Everyone wants you back.

YEE: I know, I know. That has been the most asked question of 2016 believe it or not. It was such a blast last year. Have you ever been on any of the cruises?

WOT: Not yet. We were going to get on the Light up the Pacific cruise to catch the Dirty Heads but it got cancelled. So we are hitting Closer to the Sun this year instead.

YEE: Don’t get me wrong here the cruises are awesome and they are super fun. We have done the 311 cruise twice. Closer to the Sun is on a whole different level. It is amazing we will definitely be back there.

WOT: Tell me about your name Pepper. Where did it come from?18

YEE: It is from a Saturday Night Live episode from the early 90s. You know back when Google Analytics didn’t matter. Now we are like God why did we have to name ourselves Pepper? You google Pepper and a million things pop up that aren’t us (laughs). Why didn’t we name ourselves something like one of the bands on our label LAW. You google Katastro and nothing but them pops up. It was just because we loved 90s comedy so much.

WOT: Is Ohana the first album you have put out under LAW?

YEE: No actually because technically Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations were released under LAW as well.

WOT: Pink Crustaceans is the most under rated of your albums.

YEE: Shit, we even under rated it. In retrospect we had some really awesome songs on that album.

WOT: What is your personal favorite album?


YEE: It’s always the newest album so Ohana right now. Something to be said about the new album and why we are so happy and proud of it is when we did the cd release shows on the west coast we did the full album from front and back. That is something we have never been able to do before from studio to stage. I guess Kona Town we have played from front to back but the others there are a few tracks that have never seen the light of day on stage. Ohana we went into the studio and came up with these 10 songs and it was so easy to translate from studio to stage so it is my favorite album.

WOT: Will there be a headlining tour for Ohana.?

YEE: Definitely it will probably be next year spring time with a band from this tour coming with us. I can’t tell you who yet.

WOT: I think I have a good idea who.

WOT: If you weren’t a full time travelling musician what would you be doing otherwise?

YEE: I probably would have never left Kona. I’d probably being waiting tables and surfing. You know living the dream.

WOT: I think you are pretty much living the dream now brother.05

WOT: I always ask everyone I interview this question and it is a hard one so get ready. If you could create your dream line up who would be on tour? Any person or band from any genre dead or alive.

YEE: I would have to go with Led Zeppelin and The Police just because they are my favorite drummers Stewart Copeland and John Bonham. I would throw Pantera in there and early Tool too. I would have Bob Marley close every night and definitely have Ween my all-time favorite band play. You know what let’s put Sublime on there too.

WOT: Sublime with Bradley.

YEE: Well I would have said Sublime with Rome if that was what I meant.

WOT:  That is all I have for you Yesod and we really appreciate you taking the time to meet with us. We can’t wait to see you guys kill it on stage in a bit.

YEE: Thank you!


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