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Backstage at Red Rocks Amphitheater with Katastro- Exclusive Interview

Interview by: Joe Iacovelli

Photos by: Martin Whitney


On a cool, stormy summer night in Morrison, Colorado, While on Tour stopped by beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater for a backstage interview with the band Katastro. Here is what they had to say……


IMG_9977 (2)

WOT:   So tells us, who are you? How did you guys link up?

Katastro:  We are Katastro. We started the band in a garage when we were 17-18. We have all known each other since high school and some of us since birth. Andy and Ryan have known each other since they were born.

WOT: Describe your music, like a genre. There are so many with cross overs and everything if you had to pick one what would you say Katastro is?

Katastro: I think we bring a lot of different styles together. We aren’t just a reggae band or an alternative band. We have a lot of alternative and blues and hip hop influences in our songs. We try to do a lot of funky jams on our larger sets. But, if you want a specific genre it would probably be alternative because that is the most vague genre there is.



WOT: You guys are ready to release your first full length album Strange Nights. What is the difference between this album and past EPs you have put out?

Katastro: It is a lot less pop-ier than the last releases definitely. We were able to experiment with writing more by recording our own stuff at home and then bringing it into the studio. We were a lot more prepared this time around and we knew we wanted to try different things. I think we brought some of our older hip hop back and also some rock and pop stuff. We really wanted to blend it all together.

WOT: The name “Strange Nights”, does this refer to any nights in particular? Is there a story that goes along with it?

Katastro:  Too many strange nights (laughs) Alot of the versus in the songs come from stories of being on tour. It is kind of us going through things together as a band. Random tour stories throughout the years.03

WOT: Having worked with veterans in the business like Kaleo Wassman of Pepper and Jared Watson of Dirty Heads, has that kind of opened the flood gates for a new fan base for your guys?

Katastro: I think it is. I think it will be interesting to see how it will affect things now that the single has been released. We have never had a feature on any of our tracks before so having Jared was great. We also have never worked with a label so our relationship with Pepper and LAW Records is awesome. Kaleo was actually one of the producers along with their main guy Mike Sutherland. Mike was the co-producer. Having them and Yesod there everyday and hanging out in their studio was really fun. It was cool because they were the first artists we had our major tours with so it was perfect getting to work with all of them. Kaleo is a really cool guy he brings the most positive energy into the recording process. If something wasn’t working right he was just like “Guys, it’s okay let’s just move on to something else”, We were like ok dude and he would probably just kiss me on the face or something (laughs). Mike was just totally awesome with everything recording wise.

WOT: Who have you guys drawn inspiration from in the past?


Katastro: Everybody…I mean like the Dirty Heads I feel like we have played with them a bit and they know how to put on a really good show. We look up to them as in how we want to put it out there. We have so many different bands that we all like that are different. Tame Impala is one of the top ones for us.

WOT: Have you received any good tips from any of the larger bands you have toured with that stick out in your mind?

Katastro: One of the things that sticks out for me the most is how Pepper handles their interactions with their fans. Watching them and seeing how much they respect the people coming out to their shows and how much love they give them. They have been doing this for 20 years ya know and I think that has a lot to do with why they can still do what they do and bring big crowds. They bring their great energy with them everywhere. They go and walk around in the crowd and say hello to everyone and you just don’t see very many bands do that anymore. We have learned a little bit of something from everyone we have toured with.12

WOT: So we ask everyone we interview this question and it requires some thought. If you could put together your dream line up of any person or band from any time period, dead or alive from any genre who would be on tour?

Katastro: I would probably pick Cage the Elephant, Tame Impala, Chili Peppers, Incubus and Eminem. We did one show with Cage the Elephant and we were blown away. They are dope.

WOT: You didn’t name any dead people.

Katastro: We would be too scared to play with cool dead people.

WOT: Alright guys thanks a bunch for taking the time we look forward to seeing you play later.



For a full gallery of images to Katastro’s set at Red Rocks Amphitheater click here.

Don’t forget to purchase Katastro’s brand new full length album “Strange Nights” here at While on Tour.

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