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Meghan Trainor heats up Miami, FL

All Photos and show review by Brittany Lemire

What do you get when you mix Meghan Trainor, Kanye West, and Donald Trump? Miami traffic…. that’s what you get. There must have been 30,000 people in that part of town and finding a parking spot was Black Friday x’s 1,000. If it wasn’t for the 2 and a half hours of me sitting in traffic, I would have made it to Bayfront Park  Amphitheater to see Common Kings. Judging from how hyped the crowd was when I got there, I can say they put on a great opening. Common Kings, hailing from Orange County, California, is currently on their “Miss and Mrs.” tour.

As I’m getting settled in my section and adjusting my camera, I couldn’t help but notice all the elementary and middle schoolers surrounding me. I haven’t seen this many kids since I attended a Jonas Brothers concert my senior year of high school (yah you read that right, my SENIOR YEAR people, don’t hate.) Once the house lights went down and the stage went black, I could say goodbye to my eardrums. All the screaming that was occurring signaled me that Hailee was next.


Setting the tone, Hailee’s dancers were killing it on stage. Hailee soundedawesome and started out her set singing “You’re such a..” and “Rock Bottom”. She continued with a couple covers that everyone sang along to such as Justin Bieber’s “Love yourself” and Jessie J’s “Flashlight” that she performed in the movie Pitch Perfect 2. Hailee wrapped up her set with her top radio hit “Starving.”


img_3631     img_3623

Now that I am pretty much deaf in both ears, I wait patiently for Meghan to work it out on stage. Seeing that large black curtain and waiting for it to fall is like knowing you have a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven and waiting for the timer to go off. And just like that the curtain fell and I swear I saw more moms jumping up and down instead of kids.img_3871

Meghan looked gorgeous in her blue sparkly dress topped off with an LED light-up bra. Starting off her set with “Woman Up” and “Watch Me Do,” this party has now begun. Her band was dressed so sharp and sounding even sharper. It might have even sounded better than the CD.

img_3765    img_3786

Next up she performed her top 3 radio hits “Me Too,” “Dear Future Husband,” and “Lips Are Movin.” Then out of no where she pulls the parent card.


Performing two songs dedicated to her parents, “Mom” and “Dance Like Yo Daddy,” she had tears in everyone’s eyes. The cutest part was when she invited her dad on stage. It must be an amazing feeling to share with your family your success and bring them along for the ride. Meghan continued her set with hits such as “All About That Bass” and “Like I’m GonnaLose You.”

With the crowd all hopped up on Mountain Dew and sour patch kids, I’m sure the parents were ready for the night to end. Closing out her set, Meghan performed songs such as “Champagne Problems” and “I Won’t Let You Down.” She left her crowd with a little surprise, a cover of Drake’s “One Dance” and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Meghan put on such a great performance. Her personality and sarcasm have just the right mix for anyone to love her.



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