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Best festival of our year- Rootfire at the Park 2016

Show review by April Whitney

Photographs by April & Martin Whitney

While on Tour has the opportunity to attend a lot of festivals and events. It is extremely rare that we go to one that is pulled off flawlessly. That is what Rootfire was able to accomplish with their first annual Rootfire at the Park in Cocoa, FL…. A flawless festival. We were absolutely famished when we arrived so we immediately checked out the food options which were plentiful. There was an option for every type of eater and the food was delish!

05As we walked around we couldn’t help but notice all of the different activities available for the attendees. The weather was absolutely perfect and if yoga in the park with some background music is your thing you were sure to love this.


More of a soccer fan? There was a spot for that too and we were pleasantly surprised to catch a local police officer playing with some kids.

06   07

Speaking of kids, they had a blast in the splash pad and Rootfire went as far as to have a tie dyeing station for all the little music lovers and it was definitely a hit.


16   17

All of the different vendors at the festival gave you the opportunity to purchase some amazing and unique items. There was everything from custom Cajon Bangbox drums to organic hair products made by Tame Mane.

37   04

We were super excited to get to hear music from artists we have not yet seen live. Dustin Thomas blew us away with his beat boxing and vocal brilliance coupled with his socially conscience lyrics. I highly recommend checking him out if you haven’t already.

87   10

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad was another group we had yet to see live and again we were more than impressed. We quite possibly could have been the only ones there that hadn’t seen them because the crowd went absolutely nuts and sang along to the lyrics of “Mr. Cop”. Luckily the friendly soccer playing officer from earlier didn’t break up the party cause it smelled like ganja….. (You see what I did there?)


22   51

27  28

Collie Buddz of course completely rocked the Bowl Stage. Having seen him a couple times before this was no surprise to us however he did throw in a few roots covers to pay respect to some of reggae’s founding legends which was largely applauded by the crowd.


48  50

There was one band on the lineup that I have seen grow from an opening act that didn’t draw much of a crowd to a full blown billboard charts topping, crowd raging reggae band and that band is The Movement. They completely crushed their set playing a mix of songs old and new. Josh, Jason & Gary play like a well-oiled machine and the fans love them for it. To top off the already delectable cake Collie Buddz popped up on stage for them to perform “Habit 2016” and it was nothing short of “Golden”.

64   74

62  72

Tribal Seeds was up next and I barely had a chance to get over to the stage before they started cranking out favorite after favorite. There really isn’t anything they put out we don’t love and they are super cool guys to boot. Between the killer music, Louie posing for a backstage photo for us and Carlos getting me a beer during Iration’s set, Tribal Seeds kind of iced the cake for me.



80  76


78  77

No festival would be complete without a monster headliner which Rootfire was able to obtain with Iration. These seasoned musicians strummed and played to the crowd’s excitement and I don’t know whose vibes were stronger, the band’s or the fan’s. Either way their set lit the park on fire playing one hit after another. The sound of the crowd singing along to almost every lyric was enough to give you chills and it did.

84  86

85  83

In short the first annual Rootfire at the Park was absolutely amazing. We saw so much of our concert family and made many more new friends as well. We will definitely be coming back next year and we can’t wait to see what greatness they will surely have in store for us.

For a full gallery of images from Rootfire at the Park click here.




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