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Kash’d Out’s The Hookup is a must have for your laid-back, feel good, summer vibes.

Band: Kash’d Out

Album: The Hookup

Genre: Reggae

Overall Vibe:

The overall vibe of the album is laid back, feel good music. The album features Billy Kottage of Reel Big Fish playing the trombone on “Yes, I”, saxophone played by Chris Cummings on the song “New Love”, and Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo! on “Being Easy”.

First Impressions:

Wow! This album is truly a gem from beginning to end. It is often hard to jam to every song from beginning to end on your first listen of an album. This one is definitely not like that, it grabs and holds your attention. The laid-back vibe of the music and the soothing lyrics are perfect for easy listening. I could easily listen to this album ANYWHERE- on the beach, in my house, in my car on a road trip, it is just easy!

Favorite Songs:

All of the songs are truly amazing. My favorites would have to be “Always Vibin’”, “Yes, I”, “Baby Don’t Go”, and “New Love”. “Always Vibin’” and “Yes, I” have both been released and sum up the overall feel of the album and Kash’d Out. “Yes, I” is going to be the new pot smoking anthem of hippies everywhere! “Baby Don’t Go” has a mellow toned down vibe and the lyrics are easy to relate to if one has ever been through a break up. “Being Easy” featuring Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo! is a real beachy song that makes you want to pack a cooler, roll a joint and head to the beach. The sax on “New Love” (Chris Cummings) is a welcomed addition to the album and the song. It adds an element that just elevates the song perfectly.

While every album has high and low points, it truly is impossible for me to pick out a least favorite song on this one. The Hookup has the right mixture of upbeat and down tempo songs and flows so effortlessly. My initial thoughts were similar to the ones that I have each time I have listened to it since: I love this album! Each and every song. That is so hard to do for me anymore and this album definitely got me hooked on Kash’d Out. I will definitely be playing The Hookup all summer long as I enjoy the Florida summer vibes.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy here at While on Tour and check out the band’s website to find out when they will be in a town near you.



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