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Iration, The Green, The Movement & Hours Eastly- Hotting Up Tour

Hotting Up Tour at Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

We couldn’t have had a better night planned for Thursday night date night. Iration, The Green, The Movement and Hours Eastly made the long hike to South Florida to bless our souls with the sweet sounds of island music. To make matters even better, we scored an interview with Zion Thompson of The Green to start the night off right. When we arrived at Revolution Live I reached out to The Green’s tour manager Ross to let him know I was there. He came to the front door to get me and took me back stage. Zion, Martin, myself and a few others were hanging in the green room and got down to the business of the interview. You can see photos and read the full interview here http://www.mjwphotographyfl.com/blog/2015/10/exclusive-interview-with-zion-thompson-of-the-green.

While regrouping outside in the car after the interview we heard music and realized we were missing part of our allowed three songs of shooting the band so we hustled inside to catch some shots. We some how managed to miss the entire set of Hours Eastly during the interview with Zion and came in on The Movement’s set.

This Columbia South Carolina reggae rock group is made up of lead vocalist Joshua Swain, Gary Jackson beating the drums, Nick Brewer on Keys and Jason “Smiles” Schmidt slappin the bass. Playing their stand out songs “Rescue” and “Ocho Rios” they delivered a solid east coast contribution to the mostly Hawaiian vibes of the evening.


Good time slacker anthem “Habit” from their album Set Sail spoke volumes to the crowd with its message that “all I want to do is burn, so I light it up” which quite clearly is exactly how the fans felt as well.


Support local music and check out their website http://themovementvibe.com for extremely affordable music downloads including an acoustic album partially recorded at The Sugar Shack Sessions.
Now if there is one thing to know about my husband when you are out having fun with him it is to make sure he eats or he turns into a pumpkin at midnight. No seriously the man needs to eat. We had planned on stopping at a pizza joint around the corner before the show started but with traffic being as horrendous as it is in Broward County that just didn’t happen. We had to make it to the interview on time so we decided we would hit Squiggy’s after The Movement’s set. All sources said, Squiggy’s has the best pizza in town and we needed to eat so why not. Being the crafty gal I am I thought I would use my gift of gab to try and score some free pizza for the bands. Tommy, owner and pizza maker extraordinaire was more than happy to help out my cause and give a little yummy, cheesy lovin to our friends in the bands. I mean such hard working, good vibe spreading, irie feeling men deserve to eat delicious pizza right?! I considered getting Hawaiian pizzas but thought that might be a bit over board. What if they are vegetarians?
So Martin and I delivered a cheese pizza with our business cards attached to each of the three tour buses outside. Score for MJW Photography and the While on Tour live music blog.
Now that we have eaten it was time for more good music. The Green was up next and we were super stoked to see what they had to bring to South Florida.

Hailing from O’ahu, Hawaii The Green brings a laid back, soulful sound that makes you want to grab your sweet heart and blaze up in the night.

According to guitarist and vocalist Zion Thompson, their non-reggae love song, “Chocolate and Roses” is a fan favorite and keeps the ladies wanting for more. I would agree with that statement but would have to say that every time my husband lip syncs “I’m Yours” or “Love I”, I am putty in his hands. They not only sounded great live but put on an amazing show as well. Lead singer Caleb Keolanui serenaded the crowd with his smooth flowing lyrical talent while Zion and JP Kennedy played every chord to perfection. By far one of the best shows we have seen in a LONG time.


The Green has collaborated with everyone from Jacob Hemphill of SOJA for the hit song “Come In” to Fortunate Youth on the ganja loving jam “Pass the Herb”. They are currently in the middle of recording their fourth album which is due out in early 2016. Drop by their website herehttp://thegreen808.com/music/  to find out where you can pick up a copy of ALL of their albums because they are definitely a must have in your collection.

MJW Photography: The Green- Hotting Up Tour &emdash;

MJW Photography: The Green- Hotting Up Tour &emdash;
MJW Photography: The Movement- Hotting Up Tour &emdash;
MJW Photography: The Movement- Hotting Up Tour &emdash;

Fellow Hawaiian melody makers Iration met growing up on the big island but formed later in 2009 when they reconnected in Santa Barbara, CA. In our home, reggae music is played non stop. Pandora and Spotify has helped us create the game, “Which band is this” where my husband and I need to figure out who’s song it is before the other one does. With so many bands popping up in this rapidly expanding genre it isn’t always easy. With the commercial successes from their first album such as title track “Time Bomb” and “Falling” it is almost impossible not to recognize Iration’s signature Aloha sound.


Fellow Irators left and right were singing along to “Summer nights” while the Micahs, Joes, Adam and Cayson Hotted it Up for the Florida leg of their fall tour.

Hotting Up, is the most complete album to date according to their website and with the fresh, hot, new single “Reelin” gaining a ton of fan attention there is no doubt it will reach all the same success if not more than previous releases. After this show we can’t wait to see these guys in January for the 17th annual Garlic Fest in Delray Beach. Will we see you there?

MJW Photography: Iration- Hotting Up Tour &emdash;
MJW Photography: Iration- Hotting Up Tour &emdash;
MJW Photography: Iration- Hotting Up Tour &emdash;
MJW Photography: Iration- Hotting Up Tour &emdash;

Now you know that Squiggy’s has the best pizza in Ft. Lauderdale and you HAVE to get a slice before or after the show (tell them I sent you) and reggae musicians both from the mainland and Hawaii bring the Aloha for a fantastic night out.

See you at the show!

Content writer- April Whitney

Photo credit: April & Martin Whitney

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