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Steel Pulse releases first new album in 15 years via the Roofire Cooperative

Reggae legends Steel Pulse have released their first album in 15 years today. Mass Manipulation, their first album since 2004’s African Holocaust, is the product of Steel Pulse joining forces with independent reggae music hammer, Rootfire Cooperative.  Growing up in my youth Steel Pulse was my first taste of reggae music (other than Bob of course). I remember listening with my brother and watching him skank and sing to the rhythms. Reggae music has changed and evolved so much since then. It is amazing to see a legendary roots reggae group like Steel Pulse who has influenced so many of today’s artists collaborate with Rootfire Cooperative who’s main initiative is to help independent artists succeed in the music industry. Steel Pulse is embarking on a nationwide tour in support of  Mass Manipulation kicking off May 23rd in Bakersfield, CA. You can click here to find a tour stop near you.


Mass Manipulation can be downloaded and listened to on multiple platforms here.

The first single dropped from Mass Manipulation is “Cry Cry Blood”. Check it out below!

Track list

1. “Rize”
2. “Zem Dem”
3. “Stop You Coming and Come”
4. “Thank The Rebels”
5. “Justice In Jena”
6. “Human Trafficking”
7. “Cry Cry Blood”
8. “Don’t Shoot”
9. “Trinkets and Beads?”
10. “No Satan Side”
11. “Natty”
12. “Mass Manipulation”
13. “World Gone Mad”
14. “Black and White Oppressors”
15. “The Final Call”
16. “Higher Love (Rasta Love)”
17. “Nations Of The World”


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