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August 14th, 2015 The Incubus with Deftones tour made a stop in West Palm Beach, Florida at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater. The tattooed and pierced came from all over to see these rock gods of the 90s. The weather, for the first time in days was not raining. It was however humid as hell and made me as sticky as a sweaty ball sack.
Canadian rock duo, Death From Above 1979 started the show off. Despite only being two members, Sebastien Grainger and Jeese F. Keeler, they still brought a rocking and high energy performance. I have to give props to any drummer that sings because I can’t even clap my hands to a beat while singing. You should also be advised to stay the hell off your cell phone during their performance. After a song lead bassist, Jesse, yelled at two girls he saw on the phone during the whole song. He wanted them out of his sight pronto. The crowd responded with applause and shouts of agreement.

After Death From Above 1979, Deftones was next. The band came on stage and opened with “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) from their album Around the Fur and the crowd got to their feet and started singing along. The lights of the stage were warm hues which fit perfectly with the feeling of the music.

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The band members brought heart pounding life into the songs they played and it was absorbed into the fans as well. The band started in 1988, so there were people of all ages rocking out and playing air guitar along to the music. Deftones played fifteen of their songs from various albums in their career and closed with the song “Headup” also from Around the Fur.

3 4

Next was the band everyone was waiting for. With 5 number-one singles, a Grammy nomination, and multi-platinum sales, the band, Incubus arrived on stage. The lights flashed and the whole crowd of Perfect Vodka Amphitheater rose to their feet and screamed.

They warmed up the crowd with a song called “Cornfield Chase”. It is an instrumental Hans Zimmer cover. It got the crowd ready for one of their hit favorites, “Nice to Know You”.  They mixed in new and old songs, to a total of 18 . 6 7
Brandon Boyd, the lead singer is a wonderful entertainer and a reason to part of their success as a band. He brings an energy you don’t experience with any other band. You can tell he sings every song with every ounce of soul he’s got.
8 9
The rest of the band members give all their effort as well and the crowd feeds off their energy and hypnotic melodies. You could hear the crowd sing along with almost every song, that’s when you know a band has made it.
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My overall review of this tour was very energetic. Each band played with everything they had despite the grueling and exhausting travel of a different city everyday while on tour. It was worth the wait in traffic and the sweaty clothes from humidity.

Content writer: Hillary Weiss for MJW Photography
Photo credit: Brittany Lemire for MJW Photography


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