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The night the Dirty Heads blew my mind and Lifted me Up

Review by Ryan Johnson
Friday, August 2nd, 2019
Coral Sky Amphitheater, West Palm Beach, Florida


First of all, I would like to thank While On Tour for inviting me to tag along for this absolutely amazing night of music, good vibes and friends. Just as awesome of an honor was being asked to take a stab at the pen and have an opportunity to review one of the most electrifying shows that I have had the privilege of attending in quite a long time.

Let me start by saying that I am very new to this scene or particularly this “genre” of music. It honestly combines all of my favorites. I have no idea how my personal interest needle had never landed on the Dirty Heads before, but I am very grateful that it did.

From the first time I heard DH I was completely and utterly hooked. The beats, the percussion, the dueling vocals combined with intelligent lyrics…. This band has it all. I was hooked from the very first time I heard “Burn Slow” which is coincidentally the first song in their set.

It is about once every decade or so that a band comes along that can combine intense, chest thumping bass beats, with melodic rhythm that makes it absolutely impossible to stand still. Completing the package of the dueling vocals is Jared Watson (aka Dirty J) and Dustin Bushnell (better known as Duddy B) and I couldn’t have hand-picked a more perfect combo. Within just a few times of listening to these two you will be rapping right along to one of their bangers or singing along to one of their many acoustic jams….which ever you prefer (or both if you are me).

With songs on the set list like “Franco Eyed”, “Mad At It” (personal fav) and “Sloths Revenge” (Goonies Never Say Die!) it is very obvious to me that these guys function like a well-oiled machine. The three raised, lighted platforms that are now being used on stage allow you to see the intensity brought by percussionist Jon Olazabal, Matt Ochoa (Drums) and Shawn Hagood (Keys/Synth). While David Foral (Bass) got a seemingly safer spot on the stage with Dirty J and Duddy B, the whole set up creates an amazing presence. The platforms also serve as gigantic screens that were constantly changing based on which song was being played. Like the born entertainers they are or have worked incredibly hard to become, they make it very clear they love their job and are DAMN GOOD at it too.


In all the years of attending live performances in all genres of music it is not very often that I have seen a band that can bring the same sound captured in the studio to the stage. The Dirty Heads absolutely blew my mind and are even better live than the songs I have heard streaming. They maintain a sound and set flow with an intensity that only backed down just a tiny bit during “Cabin by the Sea” and “Moon Tower”.

Basically, my point is throughout the show I am surprised that the stage or the audience didn’t go up in flames. Dirty Heads absolutely put on a flame thrower of a command performance. With all the phones in the crowd lit up during “Moon Tower” it felt as if we had all drifted into the sky above the amphitheater. It could have had something to do with the impressive cloud of ganja smoke that still lingered after new single “Lift Me Up” had the crowd blazing.

In the end, it absolutely felt that there was “no place I’d rather be”, watching what can only be described as one of the most undiscovered bands I was lucky enough to discover. These guys have a little something for every discerning listener. I was truly left wanting more yet strangely fulfilled at the same time. The Dirty Heads are totally a band that I will seek out in the future. I don’t care whether they are coming to South Florida or not, I will have to make it a point to see these guys again.


Make sure to check out their new album Super Moon that drops everywhere tomorrow!

Thank you for allowing me to put this down for you April!!! Much respect and more love.


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April Whitney

April Whitney

April Whitney- Photographer, music lover and overall gypsy soul. I found my passion for photography, music, writing, and travel. While on Tour was born out of a desire to combine all of these things and become the wandering soul I have always wanted to be. I love to travel to different festivals, meet new friends and vibe out wherever the music may take me.

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