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Exclusive Interview- The Movement discusses their new #1 Billboard Reggae album Golden

Golden by The Movement is the new #1 Reggae album in the country right now.

While on Tour had the pleasure of meeting up with the band to discuss Golden, Rootfire International and their remake of the hit song “Habit”.

Here is what they had to say.


WOT: Thank you guys for taking the time to meet with us. I am sure your schedule is really tight with the release of the new album yesterday, the kick off of your tour and performing here today at California Roots Carolina Sessions.

WOT: Let’s talk about your new album Golden. How was it working with Rootfire International and the new Cooperative?

MVMT: It’s been amazing, all the guys at Rootfire are like family to us. We have a pretty long relationship with them now. As a label it is a brand new thing for them and a brand new thing for us. It really just made sense to work with these guys. Seth and the whole team from Rootfire and Ineffable are like family and friends. It isn’t like signing with a label. Being able to work with and hang out with our friends every day, they really took care of us and pushed us to the next level, a higher level than we were before.

WOT: The Cooperative is pretty cool like you guys get to do what you want to do with the album and have the resources to do so and then you just pay back to the cooperative rather than a label just telling you that you have to do this or that right?

MVMT: Well we have a little bit of that still, which we need. But it is almost like Rootfire and the whole team is part of the band. So, we all have a say in it. They are awesome. It has been awesome.

The Movement perform on the Endless Summer stage at CaliRoots the Carolina Sessions 2016The Movement perform on the Endless Summer stage at CaliRoots the Carolina Sessions 2016

The Movement perform on the Endless Summer stage at CaliRoots the Carolina Sessions 2016WOT: The song “Rescue” seems like a very personal song written by you Josh. You took a break from the band and previously mentioned that the band rescued you and welcomed you back. Is the song about that? Do you care to elaborate about that at all?

Josh Swain of The Movement at CaliRoots Carolina Sessions 2016 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Josh: I think pretty soon after I got back in the band, maybe a year or so after I was going through some personal stuff. I got sober and came back and I think it was the first tour with Pepper and I just realized these guys and the life of pursuing your dreams and reaching your goals is what was really saving me from basically being a horrible human being. I finally realized why I do what I do yaknow. These guys in general, family and friends really rescued me.

WOT: “Habit 2016”, how was it decided to remake one of your biggest songs to date for the new album and how was it collaborating with Collie Buddz on the song?

Gary: We have played with Collie off and on since about 2009. He is such a good guy. We toured with him in Colorado last year and he said to us that we should do a remix of Habit and he would lay a verse on it. He was probably just saying that but we were like “Okay”! We have a good friend, Bobby Hustle, a younger artist who is up and coming that has a lot of potential so we wanted to combine all three of us. Bobby Hustle’s crew Loud City and Dynasty, they laid the instrumental and it all just came together. Gary Dread of The Movement at CaliRoots the Carolina Sessions in Myrtle Beach, SC

WOT: I read recently that you guys had quite a reputation for yourselves at some point in your past. Are you guys still Livin La Vida Loca or has the scene changed you guys?

Gary: No we have kind of grown up. Now it just kind of goes in waves. Honestly a couple of years ago getting us all sober for an interview might have been a problem.

WOT: Well if we are being honest, me doing an interview at three in the afternoon versus nine at night is going to be a huge difference so lol.

WOT: What was your favorite part about making this album and what makes it different from the others?

Gary: Danny who produced it is awesome. He has worked with Beck and Ben Harper and so many other artists. He just knows what he wants. We would present something and he would say, why don’t you try this. We all lived at the studio for two weeks in the middle of the woods on a farm. I think that was my favorite part about it.

Jason: All the little insect sounds on the record was all me in the forest with my IPhone.

Jason "Smiles" Schmidt preforms at CaliRoots the Carolina Sessions 2016 in Myrtle Beach, SC.Jason "Smiles" Schmidt preforms at CaliRoots the Carolina Sessions 2016 in Myrtle Beach, SC.Gary: I think the energy level was heightened. Like Josh mentioned we were all sober this time around. It was everyday us just getting excited about it.

WOT: Are there any stops on this tour you haven’t been to or are really excited about?

Gary: We don’t really get to go to Northern California that much so I am pretty stoked about that.

Jason: We just played Jannus in St. Pete which is one of our favorite venues.

Gary: We love Florida, California, Colorado.

Jason: Philly is good.

Gary: Washington is great energy every time we go there.

WOT: I always ask every band I interview. If you could create your dream line up and choose 4 bands from any genre, any time period, dead or alive. Who would be on tour?

Gary: Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix

Josh: Sublime

Jason: Jerry Garcia

WOT- Ok so Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime and Jerry Garcia. Solid choices.

Jason: Definitely not Janis Joplin. No offense.

WOT: That’s ok, I’m not Janis so no offense taken.

Ross Borgan: Marco Benevento. I like him a lot. He does his own thing and also plays with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. I love his original stuff though. I would love to play with that guy sometime, just going throw that out there really quick.

WOT: Nothing wrong with a little shameless plug.

WOT: Alright guys, that is all I have for you thanks a bunch! I can’t wait to see you out there today. Have a great set and when you see me with my lens out there in the pit don’t be shy, you can give me a smile or point at me and I wouldn’t be mad.

To find out when The Movement will be in a city near you visit their website here https://rootfire.net/golden/?ref=http://www.themovementvibe.com/


The Movement rocked the Endless Summer stage at California Roots the Carolina Sessions and we were there to capture the magic. 

For a full gallery of images from their set at California Roots the Carolina Sessions please click here http://www.mjwphotographyfl.com/p821350511

Until next time, I’ll see you at the show!


Interview by: April Whitney

Photo credit: April & Martin Whitney

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