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From Ashes to New talk about Walmart shenanigans, travel troubles and getting to know their fans through social media.

From Ashes to New perform in front a sea of fans at WJRR's Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, FL

Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, Florida proved to be the place to be in Central Florida on April 23rd. On this insanely hot Florida afternoon filled with metal, rock and a splash of hip hop, While on Tour had the pleasure to catch up with the guys of From Ashes to New to talk about Walmart Shenanigans, travel troubles and getting to know their fans through social media. This is what they had to say.

WOT: Thank you guys for taking the time to meet with While on Tour, your set was great.

Matt: Thank you.

WOT: I know your fans are excited to hear from you so let’s get started. Let’s talk about your new studio album Day One. How was the experience of creating a full studio album different from the previous Eps From Ashes to New and Downfall?

Tin D'Onofrio of From Ashes to New performs at Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, FL Tim: For one I wasn’t there for the first two (laughs).

Matt: Downfall was created at the same time as Day One we just released it earlier. There were some things we had to finish on Day One before we could release it and we had to get a release date. The first EP From Ashes to New Brandon wasn’t even in the band yet but for us it was different than for most people because we didn’t have a record deal we just did it on a whim. Luckily the guy at the studio we went to trusted in the fact that we would be able to pay him.

WOT: I think I read on your website you actually cashed in your retirement to get that EP created. MATT: Yes I cashed in my retirement to start this. Matt Brandyberry of From Ashes to New at Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando FL

WOT: That is really awesome, it shows your dedication.

WOT: What is your favorite song to perform off Day One?

Tim: I like “Farther from Home” for today.

Matt: I’ll go with that too.

Tim: It changes from day to day. We have been playing the other songs for a while though so that is probably why.

WOT: We have seen multiple post on social media about blown tires.

Matt: (laughs) Oh god yeah.

WOT: How many tires have you guys gone through this year?

Tim: 2016 none, we’ve gone through axles though.

Matt: We’ve gone through axles. This year has been light for us on touring so far. It is getting ready to change though.

Tim: Last year I don’t know probably between our RV and trailer probably just shy of a dozen.

WOT: That is a lot of tires (laughs)

WOT: Social media is such a powerful tool these days and you guys are so good about engaging and sharing things with your fans. How do you think that has impacted your exposure level?

Tim: It’s everything right? Social media is why we are even able to do what we are doing. Once Matt saw what that could do for the band we just went to town. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, everything. You pretty much have to do it.

Matt Brandyberry and Chris Musser roaring with the crowd at WJRR's Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, FL     From Ashes to New perform at WJRR's Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, FL

Lance Dowdle of From Ashes to New getting his Peter Pan on at WJRR's Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, FL    Chris Muller of From Ashes to New at WJRR's Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, FL

WOT: Out of all of the amazing tours you guys have been on, which one has been your favorite?

Tim: Probably Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach that was amazing.

Matt: Yeah, we were in arenas how can you argue with that? Plus to be playing alongside people you grew up listening to and getting to meet them as well really means a lot.

WOT: I can imagine. A dream of mine is to go on tour with one of my favorite bands and document it through my lens. That would really be amazing.

WOT: How does the band refocus after band member changes. There have been changes in the last year yes?

Matt: Well the members that left weren’t a part of the writing process to be honest with you. They were kind of just stage members.

Tim : Lance and I have been buddies for a long time and I always knew I wanted to get together and work with these guys so when the position opened up it was time for me to just get right in.

Brandon & Lance of From Ashes to New share a moment during WJRR's Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, FL.

Matt: It was not only seamless but way better than what we had prior. He is a great fit. He gives good hugs, great shoulder rubs and his foot massages are off the charts.

WOT: Well that’s great! How many times have your Walmart shenanigans gotten you thrown out or in trouble?    Matt Brandyberry of From Ashes to New performs at WJRR's Earthday Birthday 23 in Orlando, FL

Matt: Never, none. At least not in this band. In my previous life (laughs).

WOT: What bands are you most excited about playing alongside for this year’s Warped Tour?

Matt: Even though they are only on for four stops I am excited for Bullet for my Valentine. SUM 41 is you know one of those bands that back in the day I never would have thought I’d get to play a festival with.

Tim: Falling in Reverse is always good too.

WOT: Your sound is very unique. What would you classify it as and what bands do you draw inspiration from?

Tim: Don’t classify it.

Matt: Yeah I wouldn’t classify. I am really anti genre classing. Especially sub genres. I don’t mind genres in general but when you start getting into the million sub genres.

WOT: Which there are…

Matt: Yeah like “I want to listen to Pop Rock Solid Core” or whatever and it’s like what? Shut up.

WOT: Yeah it can get a little ridiculous sometimes.

WOT: Ok so I always ask every band I interview this question and it’s a tough one so get ready. If you could create your dream line up of four bands from any time period, any genre, dead or alive, who would be on tour?

Matt: Ok I’ll pick two then you pick two. Does it have to be a band or can it be an artist?

Tim: I know where you are going with this.

WOT: It can be an artist.

Matt: Eminem would be at the top of my list and then…ah shit. Of Mice and Men.

Tim D'Onofrio of From Ashes to New at WJRR's Earthday Borthday 23 in Orlando, FL

Tim: I am going to have to jump in and say Avenge Sevenfold and Slipknot.

Matt: No Foofighters?

Brandon: Foofighters? Man, I don’t know if we are Dave Grohl’s taste in music.

Matt: What you think we are Eminem’s cup of tea? (Laughs) Come on.

Tim: You never know.

Matt: How awesome would it be to find out Eminem has his beats by Dre headphones on rocking some Day One?

WOT: That would be pretty freaking awesome. Well thank you guys I had a great time. I can’t wait to catch you this summer on the Warped Tour in South Florida.

Matt & Tim: Thank you


To find out when From Ashes to New will be in a town near you check out their website by clicking here http://www.fromashestonew.com/#!news/cb30

For a full gallery of images of From Ashes to New’s set at WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 23 click here http://www.mjwphotographyfl.com/p926304112

Until next time I will see you at the show!


Interview by: April Whitney for While on Tour

Photos: April & Martin Whitney for While on Tour



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